Solar Shades

Solar Shades offer instant relief from the relentless sun. Solar Shades dramatically reduce heat build-up in your home, reduce glare and provide protection from damaging U.V. rays.

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Eddy Storm Protection custom manufactures interior and exterior installed Solar Shades.

  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduce fading of your interior furnishings
  • Provide more consistent and comfortable inside temperature
  • Provide daytime privacy while controlling solar heat gain
  • Offer a perfect balance between light control and visibility
  • Greatly reduce damaging UV rays that can destroy your home’s valuable furnishings
  • Reduces the glare on a TV or computer screens


Exterior Solar Shades

  • Manual gear or Electric Motor operation
  • Available remote control
  • Available Sun & wind sensors
  • Aluminum housing (4” required for most openings) conceals fabric when not in use.
  • Aluminum side rails
  • Aluminum end retention weight bar
  • Horizontal end retention batons available for better wind resistance
  • Housing and tracks can be custom painted or stucco textured
  • Custom made to order

Interior Solar Shades

  • Pull chain, Pull down, battery powered, and fully automated
  • Available remote control
  • Optional sun sensors and timers
  • Custom made to order



For more information about Solar Shades or to request a free estimate, contact Eddy Storm Protection today.

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