Bahama & Colonial Shutters

A Bahama shutter hinges at the top and has adjustable arms allowing the user to position the shutter at various angles. To achieve maximum view from inside your home, the Bahama shutter should be positioned at 45-60 degrees. If more privacy and/or relief from the Florida sun is desired, the Bahama Shutter can be positioned closer to the window opening. When hurricane conditions threaten, simply lower the shutter into the vertical position and secure with locking pins. Bahama Shutters are an excellent choice for windows second floor and above because they can easily be locked from inside. 

Bahama_white BAHAMA_BROWN

bahama_oak_hill bahama_pink

Colonial Shutters are similar to Bahama Shutters except they hinge on the sides as opposed to hinging at the top. Usually Colonial Shutters are configured into two equal halves large enough when closed they cover the entire opening. If an opening has limited space on either side it is possible to make one half of the shutter larger than the other. To secure Colonial Shutters for hurricane conditions, simply close each half of the shutter and secure with a horizontal storm bar. The storm bar fits into brackets that are permanently attached to the non-decorative side of the shutter and are secured with locking pins. 

Colonial_open colonial_closed

colonial_board-&_batton_open colonial_board-&_batton_closed

Bahama and Colonial Shutters provide the tropical feel and decorative beauty of traditional wood shutters but are fabricated from heavy duty extruded aluminum. Bahama and Colonial Shutters are assembled in mill finish aluminum and then powder coated in virtually any color. These shutters are a very popular choice because not only do they enhance the beauty of your home but are also tested and approved for hurricane protection.

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