Accordion Shutters

The Accordion Shutter is a shutter that moves horizontally between an upper and a lower track. The “blades” of an accordion shutter are supported by a wheel assembly that is installed for every pair of blades. The wheel assembly consists of a stainless steel wheel carriage and durable nylon wheels. The wheel assemblies allow the shutter to be effortlessly moved along the tracks and locked when desired. Even very large openings such as lanais and condominium balconies can be closed very easily and quickly. 

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The Accordion shutter is a versatile shutter system that can be adapted to most situations. The shutter can be opened and closed as one unit moving left to right or right to left or as two units or “stacks” closing from each end. The stacks can be configured as equal (½ of the blades left and ½ of the blades right) or unequal stacks to suit a variety of situations. Generally the stacks for the accordion shutter are secured beyond the opening out of view when not in use, but in some cases it may be necessary for part of stacking to be in view due to limited space to the left or right of an opening. 

Bertha H.V. Accordion Shutters

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For extremely wide openings “floating stacks” can be utilized allowing the user to move a stack of unopened blades to a desired position and then opened. Floating stacks also allow more options for storing shutter when not in use. The size of the stacks depends on the width of shutter. To approximate the amount of room needed for stacking use the formula of one inch of stacking per linear ft. of track plus 3 inches. For example a 6’ shutter would require 9” of stacking that can be configured as mentioned above.