Crimsafe® is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system. It is used to secure doors, windows and outdoor areas from intruders, hurricane damage and insects alike.


From a distance, it looks like an insect screen. And it does the same job of keeping your house cool in Summer while keeping mosquitoes out. But Crimsafe is unlike any other insect screen you’ve ever seen, because it makes your home virtually impenetrable to thieves.

Crimsafe® can protect your home against hurricane damage, while still letting light in and allowing you to view the outdoors. It is tested to withstand winds up to 200 MPH/322KPH, and missile impact up to 150 MPH/241KPH. And, unlike storm panels, Crimsafe is installed in place. There is no need to spend tense moments just before a storm climbing up on ladders and hammering boards into place.

crimsafe bay window crimsafe bay window open

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