Bertha H.V. Accordion Shutters

 “Not all Accordion Shutters are created equal”. The HV Accordion shutter is the latest in Accordion Shutter technology. The HV Accordion was designed and engineered from the ground up. Features include improved stacking and overall appearance, increased strength and performance.

The HV Accordion Shutter consists of interlocking extruded aluminum “blades” that glide along an upper and lower track. When in the closed or hurricane position each pair of blades open up to 90 degrees giving the shutter a corrugated look. This is what enables the Accordion Shutter to withstand hurricane force winds.

The HV Accordion Blade was designed to maximize strength but not increasing cost by moving aluminum from the center of blade to the knuckle of blade where strength is critical. The knuckle of the blade receives “pins” and bushings that transfer wind loads and impacts from flying debris to the tracks of shutters which are fastened to the substrate of building. Pins are #14 x 2 ¾ stainless steel screws with a Dacroshield Coating for unsurpassed corrosion resistance. Along with the improved strength of the knuckle the unique design of the knuckle allows for tolerance between assembly “pin” and blade which allows any debris such as sand and salt to be flushed when cleaning shutter.

The HV Accordion has low profile center mates that are easy to close and secure with a push button keyed lock with protective cover. Other locks available include and thumb turn egress lock and a new “Salt Water Lock” that is an excellent choice for beach front condominiums. Additional locking rods are available…but not required that can be used to enhance performance and to secure shutter when not in use. color keyed Velcro straps are standard for securing shutter when not in use.

The exclusive “direct mount starter strip” feature attaches shutter blades to ends of track. They eliminate the need for additional side angle and fasteners, providing a finished clean look. The direct mount feature speeds up installation and also makes it very easy to remove shutter blades for service if ever needed.

Also exclusive to the HV Accordion is the HV Walkover track and the HV 90 deg. center mate. The walkover track is a very low profile floor track that is designed to be permanently installed. This is a good option for entry doors and sliding glass doors that have a slight step down. Also available is a 2 piece removable track that is good for high traffic areas.

The HV 90 degree center mate was designed for butt glass windows. This allows the shutter to close and lock at corner of window without use of any unsightly vertical mullions.